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Press Play on Temple
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Press Play on Temple

Press Play on Temple will bring you to an ancient temple who guards a precious 80’s relic.

Who will be the most quick and skillful adventurer to get out of that place with the loot?

But beware, through its powerful voice the temple itself will try to stop you, at the cost of collapsing on himself!

Press Play on Temple, the game

Press Play on Temple

It’s a 2 to 5 players board game in which you will have to rescue an ancient relic from the altar of an only apparently abandoned temple which is surprisingly not dead at all:

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Rec, Pause

It will try to stop you from finding the magical artefact through his voice, which will give you random indications through the play (you will be able to listen directly from your computer or smartphone), first blocking you from discovering the secret combination to open up the altar and then stopping the relic hunter bringing floor and columns to collapse. The first player that will reach the exit of the Temple will win the game: but the road will not be easy at all!


Press Play on Temple is the latest work from Comelasfoglia: during over 2 years of design and testing, the game designer Simone Terenziani thanks to the precious contribution of the visual artists Antonietta Coccia, Matteo Pagliari (Mushroom Kingdom) and Roberto Gatto (Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Mummy’s Mask) offers a 80’s flavoured multimedial adventure, giving life to a Temple where audiocassettes, floppy disks, keytars and leg-warmers become ancient and powerful artefacts. The hearth of the entire experience is the temple’s voice, with the original soundtrack composed by the Electronic Musician Marco Caino Marinelli and the special guest star Ivo De Palma, the great Italian voice of Pegasus from “Saint Seya” anime, who enriches the game with his extraordinary recitative skills, both in Italian and English language, in order to help players to get more and more closer to the magical and dangerous world of the Temple.


We are about to finish the preparation for the Kickstarter campaign, to offer to every backer and player the best game experience ever.

Are you ready to

Press Play on Temple

Comelasfoglia is a group of authors, visual artists, and gamers based in Parma, Italy. We’ve been promoting the culture of gaming since 2008 through event planning and the creation of card games, tabletop games, and role-playing games, from concept to publication. “Magia!”, “A game of Shadows”, “Princesses at the great Ball”, “The customer” and “A city divided” are some of our sold out games that we promoted through the main gaming exhibitions in Italy and through traditional market. The name Comelasfoglia means “Like the Sfoglia,” after Emilia’s local type of fresh pasta, since our games are crafted with the passion that is characteristic of homemade products.

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